Pastor Tom O'Brien

Pastor Tom O'Brien

Pastor's Greeting
Welcome to Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. If you are looking for a new church home, we hope you will consider the Holy Trinity family.

Weekly Message from Pastor Tom O'Brien

In the eye of the storm, all seems quiet and still, but the storm is not over yet. Life is that way sometimes. In the gospel reading we read that the disciples were in a boat when a storm came upon them. While the storm continued to rage, they saw Jesus walking on the water towards them. When Jesus stepped into the boat, the storm stopped. When the disciples needed Jesus, He came. He was there to help and save them.
When we are going through the storms of our life, Jesus is still with us. If we keep our eyes upon Him, all will be well. We can call upon Jesus in times of sorrow, in times of distress and in times when we are in need of His guidance. Believe in Jesus Christ and call upon Him and He will come in our hour of need. Have faith and let Him clear away any doubts or fears. You are never alone, for Jesus is with us.
Dont forget to pray for this congregation this week as we prepare to come together on August 20, to vote for a new pastor to lead this congregation into the future. Trust in the Lord and all will be as He has ordained.

Pastor O Brien can be contacted for any out of hours emergency pastoral needs on
(609)510-6675 or you can email him,

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