Holy Trinity Youth Group
Keeping Jesus present in our growing lives.

Youth Leadership
Executive Board President
Megan Wiesniewski
Executive Board Vice President
Chloe Mazza
Executive Board Secretary
Eleanor Poethke

Senior Senators
Danielle Lawrie - Executive Board Senior Senator
Alyssa Klinger - Executive Board Senior Senator

Junior Senators
Danielle Klaus, Kristina Bush, Naomi Morrison, Amber Densten, Breanna Barber, Corinne Beavers, Kayla Jones, Annie Morrison, Abby McSweeney, Casey Sheridan, Heather Storz

Adult Leadership

Youth Chair and Director
Bonnie Mazza

Assistant Directors
Jarret Mazza
Amber Johnson
Chris Rodig
Nicole Rodig

The goal of the committee is to formulate a Christ Centered vision and mission for the High School, Junior High, and age appropriate youth at HTELC. The committee's vision and mission is to coordinate and balance the development of HTELC youth in Christian Leadership, Social responsibilities and Fellowship.

Youth group meets on Wednesday Evenings during the summer months. Location, time and costs (most nights are free)vary based on the event. For more information please contact Bonnie Mazza at 609-386-1202 or by email at bonnie@holytrinityelc.org